Account Registrations and Monthly Draw

Up until today it was not possible to register an account with us without first making an order. The reason for that was quite simple — an account alone would provide no value to its holder.

But everything changes now as we start bringing benefits to our registered users.

As you may already know, a week ago we launched three reward programmes, so our registered users can now accumulate bonus points, exchange them for discount coupons and get rewarded for referring other people to us.

Starting today, anyone can open an account with us, and we will reward our new users with 125 welcoming bonus points right away! But that’s not all.

We are also launching a monthly draw with a US$ 100 prize pool, which will be distributed between the randomly-selected winners in the following four different categories:

  • A US$ 0 discount coupon will go to one of the freshly registered users;
  • A US$ 25 discount coupon will go to one of the users who made an order with us;
  • A US$ 25 discount coupon will go to one of the users who left a review on our Facebook page.
  • A US$ 25 discount coupon will go to one of the users whose referral code has been in use.

We will run the draw in one of the first days of each month and the winners will be announced in our blog and on our social network pages.

All our customers who already made their first order in July are eligible to participate in the draw’s first category. Once we have shipped your orders, you will also be able to take part in the second category of the draw.

We hope that now everyone can enjoy being our registered user and promise to keep adding more value to your accounts. By the way, soon we are going to announce a new very cool feature that will make you want to open an account with us even more.