Affiliate Programme

Just like any business, we want to grow and reach more people. We are happy to share part of our revenue with people and businesses willing to refer their subscribers and customers to us. If you own a bricks fan group on Facebook, or have a popular YouTube vlog, or are selling assembly instructions, or are simply interested in our offer, then we invite you to join our Affiliate Programme.

What It Is

Our Affiliate Programme is aimed at social and media influencers and owners of businesses operating in adjacent markets willing to advertise us to their subscribers and customers in return for a share of our revenue. We offer flexible terms and make regular payouts.

How It Works

You will be provided with a unique affiliate code that you can advertise to your subscribers and/or customers. When applied at checkout, this code will bring our first-time customers a discount, and a share of the corresponding discounted amounts will be credited to your affiliate account once their orders are shipped.

We will make regular payouts to your nominated bank or PayPal account as long as your affiliate account balance is positive.

Who Is Eligible

We are happy to have anyone becoming our affiliate, provided that they are able to advertise us to an audience interested in our services. To start, please fill out our contact form and tell us a little bit about yourself, your audience and your expectations from this programme.