Announcing Wishlists

Dear all,

We are super-excited to announce what we know many of you have been waiting for. From now on all our registered users can create, import, manage, export and publish wishlists!

Essentially, a wishlist is a list of any LEGO® and/or compatible parts. You can create it by manually adding required parts from our catalogue or by importing parts from a parts list file (we support multiple popular formats). Actually, there are many other ways and places you can add parts to a wishlist on our website — simply look around for the “Add to Wishlist” button.

Our team has been working very hard to equip wishlists with many awesome features that you’re definitely going to like. For example, you can combine lists together, share them with the world, download all or specific parts from your wishlist to a file, add multiple lists to basket and — the most exciting feature — enable wishlist monitoring!

That’s right: you no longer need to re-upload your parts list via our parts matching tool or add parts to basket to check for their current availability and stock. Now you can simply import your parts list to a wishlist, put it on monitoring and we’ll start checking parts availability and stock for you several times a day. You will get an email notification as soon as the result of our check satisfies your monitoring criteria. (By the way, don’t forget to check and configure other notifications you may find handy.)

Unfortunately, the reality is that we are not always able to match all parts from your lists, and some matched parts may be out of stock. But now you can download those unmatched and out-of-stock parts from your list to a file and use it to buy those parts elsewhere. No need to manually edit your spreadsheet!

If you wish, you may also share your wishlist with the world by making it public. But don’t worry. If you prefer to share the list just with some specific people, it’s totally fine. Only those who know the link will be able to access your wishlist. So it’s entirely up to you to decide whether to publish that link in a Facebook group with thousands of members or simply send it to your friend. And, of course, you may revoke public access at any time.

To get an idea of how a public list may look like, check out this page.

Finally, now you can add multiple different sets into your basket and we’ll conveniently show them separately both in the basket, at checkout and in the order confirmation email. We’ll even calculate number of items and pieces in each set and their individual prices.

This is our biggest website update so far and while we’ve carefully tested everything, some minor bugs may still occur here and there. If you spot one, please let us know via our contact form.

Thanks and enjoy the wishlists!