Better Basket and Checkout Experience

We know that quite often our customers are willing to purchase thousands of items in hundreds of different variations. And we also know that sometimes they have to wait for quite a while for those items to be added to the basket, then wait again for the checkout page to be generated, and wait yet again for their payment to be processed.

Let’s be honest — that’s not the kind of experience a modern online store could be proud of. And we admit it.

That is why we have been working very hard over the last several weeks to provide you with a better and faster purchasing experience. Our IT department has significantly improved the basket and checkout pages, which now work much faster and can easily handle orders of any size.

We have also embedded our live stock check mechanism right into those pages! From now on, whenever you are ready to proceed to checkout, the basket contents would be checked for the up-to-date stock information and automatically locked for 15 minutes so that you have enough time to make the payment.

Finally, you may notice that on the checkout page all items from the basket are now grouped into a set — and it’s a small hint on upcoming exciting features that we are going to announce soon, so stay tuned!