Bulk Orders are in Public Beta

Some of you may have noticed that so far we have been accepting only orders below certain limits (such as those containing items whose before-tax cost was less than US$500 and whose net weight was less than 5 kg). The reason we set those limits was that due to the complexity and size of bulk orders, checking the relevant taxes, handling fees and shipping rates, as well as preparing those orders for overseas travel, required a considerable amount of additional time and effort.

Until now, customers willing to place a bulk order have been requested to contact us directly and then invited to join our bulk orders closed beta programme, but today we are making this beta programme public.

As we will continue processing bulk orders manually with the relevant taxes, fees and shipping services and options discussed and confirmed on a case-by-case basis, placing a bulk order becomes a three-stage process.

At the first stage, you submit a bulk order request, which is very similar to placing a standard order with the difference being that at this stage you are required to pay only a US$ 25.00 non-refundable processing fee. The remaining amount due is confirmed and paid at later stages.

The good news is that all bulk orders are eligible for a 10% discount with the code BULKORDER (or for an even greater personal discount), so not only will that discount cover the cost of the processing fee, but it will also allow you to save money on the ordered items.

Another great news is that the bigger your bulk order is, the better shipping rate we are able to offer you. Moreover, in most cases we offer a range of shipping services and rates to choose from and may also be able to include extra shipping options, such as customs clearance and DDP (delivered duty paid) — even for destinations, which we normally don’t have those options included for.

This brings us to the second stage, at which we contact you to confirm the applicable fees and taxes, and present the available shipping services and options. We aim to respond to bulk order requests within one business day, so it won’t be long till you hear from us.

Once you have selected the preferred shipping service and additional options, we proceed to the third stage, at which you are sent a final bulk order invoice and a link to the payment page on our website. Just like with paying a standard order, you will be able to pay your invoice using any payment method that we accept — that is, a credit or debit card or PayPal.

After your bulk order is paid, it is then processed and handled much like a standard order, and gets shipped to you with the selected shipping service.

We did our best to make the process of placing a bulk order simple, safe and transparent, and hope that you will enjoy it.

We wish everyone a very happy New Year, and can’t wait to bring you new awesome features and services in the coming year!