Difference Lists

Now that we allow our registered users to create and share wishlists, adding items from those wishlists to basket becomes as easy as clicking a single button. However, in some cases we may be unable to match all items from a wishlist, while certain matched items may be out of stock.

While you can put your wishlist on monitoring so that all its items are automatically checked for availability, we understand that sometimes you may wish to simply purchase all currently available items from us and get the other items elsewhere.

Our ultimate goal is to make our customers happy even when they wish to make a purchase somewhere else, so starting today you may easily download a list of unmatched and/or out-of-stock items for each set from your order. We will check which items from the original wishlist appear in your order and generate a difference list containing only non-purchased items.

This option is available to all our customers right on the order confirmation page. Our registered customers can also utilise this option for any of their existing orders on their account’s page.

We hope that this new feature will make it even easier for everyone to get the items they want.