Discounts and Rewards

We offer multiple ways of getting discounts and other rewards to all our customers. On this page we conveniently list all of them.

Account Registration

While opening an account with us is completely optional, it does bring you many benefits. Our registered users earn bonus points and exchange them for different rewards, such as lifetime and one-off discounts.

If you don’t have an account yet, consider opening one now, and we will reward you for that with 125 welcoming bonus points right away.

Loyalty Programme

With every order you make, we will credit your account with bonus points. You will get at least one bonus point per each US dollar spent on products, but from time to time we increase that number. Keep an eye on our blog and subscribe to our Facebook and Twitter accounts so you don’t miss the opportunity to get even more bonus points.

More information about this programme is available here.

Referral Programme

If you are willing to spread the word about us, don’t forget to use your personal referral code. Not only will it get our new customers a US$ 10 discount, but it will also bring an equivalent US$ 10 discount to yourself once we’ve shipped their orders!

You can read more on how this programme works on this page.

Service Feedback

We need your feedback! Should you decide to leave us a review on our Facebook page, we will credit your account with 125 bonus points for that.

Moreover, you will get a chance to win a US$ 25 coupon in our monthly draw. More on it below.

Monthly Draw

In the beginning of each month we distribute a US$ 100 prize pool between the randomly-selected winners in the following four different categories:

  • A US$ 25 discount coupon will go to one of the freshly registered users;
  • A US$ 25 discount coupon will go to one of the users who made an order with us;
  • A US$ 25 discount coupon will go to one of the users who left a review on our Facebook page;
  • A US$ 25 discount coupon will go to one of the users whose referral code has been in use.

Special Offers

Occasionally we bring some great special offers to our customers. It could be product or shipping discounts, additional bonus points, cheaper reward prices, or something even more special.

We highly recommend you to keep an eye on our blog and subscribe to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts to never miss a special offer. While most offers will be announced on all platforms, some exclusive offers may be announced only on one of them.

Promo Codes

We are collaborating with various businesses as well as with different social and media persons and groups who promote us to their audiences. They all offer discount promo codes applicable to our products and/or services.

By the way, if you are keen to advertise us to your audience, you are more than welcome to join our affiliate programme.