Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

We are an Australian company, which supplies high-quality LEGO® compatible plastic bricks at competitive prices to enthusiasts and casual recreationalists around the world. Being an authorised international reseller of GoBricks, we work with them directly to bring our customers a simple and enjoyable purchase experience.

More information about us is available on this page.

So if you’re an Australian company, then you ship from Australia?

We ship from the GoBricks factory in China via an international shipping centre located in the same province. We offer worldwide delivery and can definitely ship to Australia, but we do not ship from it.

Being an Australian company means that we have a legal entity in this country. Our head office is also located there, and we pay all the required corporate taxes there, too. We speak English and this is our communication language with our customers.

Why would I want to buy bricks from you? I can find cheaper prices elsewhere.

We see our competitive advantages as convenience, safety and reliability.

We cannot and don’t want to compete with local resellers offering very cheap prices because they evade taxes, send their customers poor-quality replicas of actual products, and don’t care much about the quality of their services. So people looking only for the biggest savings they could possibly get are quite unlikely to become our customers.

We offer our services to people who are willing to pay some extra for their peace of mind. We don’t promise unrealistically cheap prices, but we do promise that we sell only genuine products at fair prices, that we don’t charge any extra fees, that we pay all the relevant taxes, that we take care of customs clearance when and if required, and that we provide fast and friendly support.

We also offer various discounts to our new and returning customers. Check out this page for a list of various ways you can earn yourself a discount or a reward.

Is it necessary to open an account to order from you?

No. You can make an order without registering an account.

That said, our registered users enjoy various benefits, from accumulating bonus points that could be exchanged for lifetime and one-off discounts to various tools and exclusive special offers.

If you do decide to open an account, we will reward you with 100 welcoming bonus points right away.

What if I order parts that are currently out of stock?

Our system receives stock information directly from GoBricks on a daily basis. An up-to-date stock information is also automatically requested whenever you upload a part list and before you proceed to checkout.

However, if for some reason it still happens that your order ends up containing certain parts that are out of stock, we will contact you and offer three options to choose from: wait for GoBricks to re-stock, replace missing parts with alternatives, or refund their cost.

Currently we place your orders with GoBricks manually, but we are also working with them on an automated system that would reserve all ordered parts right after the order is paid. Once this system is live, you could be 100% certain that the parts you order are all in stock.

How long will it take for my order to be packed and delivered?

The short answer is — it depends.

Unfortunately, there are some circumstances out of our control, which impact the order fulfilment time. For example, currently GoBricks are experiencing delays with packing orders affecting all their customers — both local and international. Also, their factory working hours are affected by the Chinese holiday periods that may last from several days to several weeks. Finally, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, delivery times to all destinations are currently longer than they used to be not so long ago.

We tried to provide a more or less accurate order fulfilment timeline in this blog post.

Some parts I ordered are missing or damaged. What should I do?

We are very sorry if this is the case with your order. We do care about your experience with us, so if you happen to have any issues with your order, then we will gladly help you find the best possible solution. Simply fill out our contact form and describe your issue — and we will get back to you.

Depending on how badly the package with your order is damaged or how many parts are missing from it, we may either re-send you that order (or part of it) free of charge, refund you the money you paid, or issue you a personal discount coupon that you could use for your next purchase.

More information on this can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

Anything else I need to know?

We’ve just started our business, but are trying very hard to provide our customers with the products and services they’ll love. We believe that we can become a one-stop-shop for people who share with us the passion for quality bricks, but don’t want to risk buying them from unknown sellers and deal with additional fees, customs clearance, poor product quality, and communication issues.

We are always open to any feedback, advice and collaboration offerings. Feel free to contact us on any of the above.