Faster Economy Shipping

Our Fulfilment Timeline page makes it very clear: the Economy shipping is quite slow. In the last 30 days, more than half of the parcels were delivered after spending more than four weeks travelling.

On one hand, this is one of the drawbacks of the Economy option, of which we warn our customers and which has to be taken into account when this option is selected. On the other hand, however, we are always looking for opportunities to improve our services, and we’ve actually succeeded in finding one of them.

Today we are pleased to announce that we managed to achieve a strategic deal with our shipping partners allowing us to ship economy parcels to certain destinations via dedicated cargo channels thus significantly decreasing the shipping times — and all of that for almost the same price.

You may now expect much faster shipping times for the following destinations: EU countries (except Cyprus — sorry, guys), Australia, Canada, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and United States.

We hope that you will enjoy this change and, as always, we promise to keep working on further improving the quality of our services for all our customers.