GoBricks Remains Silent

To our regret, there is not much we could tell you about the progress of our communication with GoBricks. So far we received exactly one message from them in which they informed us that they would let us know further details on the situation in the coming days. They are still ignoring all our requests to clarify the current status of the orders they already accepted as well as all our attempts to start negotiations.

Our team has prepared a formal proposal where we listed several possible solutions for their management’s consideration. We even paid for a professional Chinese translation to ensure that all our points are clear, but as of today, we have not received any reaction on it. As GoBricks remains completely silent, we are not even certain whether that proposal has actually reached any decision makers in the company at all.

On the bright side, we are deeply touched with the reaction of the community and its willingness to help. Thank you so much! You are awesome and your support is truly invaluable!

We are especially grateful to those of you who responded to our call and sent an email directly to GoBricks. To the best of our knowledge, all your emails were also ignored, but in case any of you did receive a reply, would you please forward it to us?

We will continue our attempts to reach GoBricks during this week, but if we don’t hear from them by the weekend, we will cancel and refund all unfulfilled orders. We still hope GoBricks would listen to us and to the community and reach us to discuss possible solutions, but with each subsequent day of them remaining silent, our hope vanishes.