GoBricks Stopped Fulfilling Our Orders

Dear all,

Since October 2020 our small but enthusiastic and ambitious team has been working very hard to provide you — our customers — with high quality products and services at reasonable prices. Being brick fans ourselves, it was (and still is) our genuine intention to apply our knowledge and expertise to bring people around the world a way to easily purchase bricks and get them delivered to any of the 45 countries we serve with as little effort as possible. We invested a lot of time, effort, and money into developing our website in particular and the entire ecosystem in general, which we are very proud of. We know how everyone liked it, too, because we have received lots of positive feedback and appraisal from you — and that motivated us to move on despite numerous obstacles that we have faced.

However, to our enormous regret, we have to admit that all our efforts turned out to be completely worthless as they have crashed against the wall of complete indifference of our supplier, GoBricks. Not only did they put the sustainability of our business at risk by forcing us to raise our prices against our will earlier this week, but right after we did raise the prices, they informed us that their management didn’t like that in our announcement we truthfully wrote that they had threatened us to stop fulfilling our orders. Apparently, they disliked it so much that the same day they instructed the factory to stop fulfilling our orders anyway. Moreover, we have been unable to contact GoBricks by any means since yesterday, and they have ignored all our requests and appeals to act in the best interest of our — and hence their — customers.

As we are currently unable to confirm the status of the orders made on or after the 23rd of May, we have put those orders on hold. We promise to continue trying to contact GoBricks, and early next week will update you with further details. However, we assure you that should we be unable to fulfil your orders, we will refund their cost in full. Unlike GoBricks, we do care about our customers and have no intention to disappear without fulfilling all our obligations. Also unlike GoBricks, we will stay in touch, and you can contact us at any time via our contact form or directly on Discord.

We have also taken a very tough decision to stop accepting new orders until we can be absolutely certain that GoBricks will fulfil them. This is definitely going to affect us even worse than the recent forced price increase, but we cannot put even more customers at risk of having their orders unfulfilled.

In this very unpleasant and totally unforeseen situation we found ourselves in, we are also calling for help. We would appreciate it very much if you could please spread the word about this totally outrageous behaviour of GoBricks, because we are certain that one of few things that they do care about is their reputation. It would also be very helpful if you could please contact them directly at [email protected] and CC us at [email protected]. You are welcome to let them know how you feel about them forcing us to raise the prices and refusing to fulfil the orders, as well as express your thoughts about this situation overall. If they are not willing to listen to us, maybe they will listen to you (but we are not certain about the latter).

We value the trust you have put into us, and we promise to continue acting in your best interest, keep you informed and be honest with you. We believe that everyone has the right to know the truth even if it’s unpleasant, and we are willing to take the risk of losing our business for telling the truth rather than pretend that everything is going well to the satisfaction of GoBricks.

The Konstruktor team