How To Check Order Status

You may be wondering what happens after your order is placed and how to track its status changes. In this guide we will answer these questions.

Fulfilment Stages

There are four fulfilment stages that each new order we receive goes through: Processing, Queued with GoBricks, Awaiting Shipment, and Shipping. We provide an in-depth description of all stages and their estimated completion times on the Fulfilment Timeline page.

Our registered customers can check the current stage of their orders in the Orders section of their personal account page.

Status Notifications

Whether you made an order with us as a registered customer or as a guest, we will be sending you an automated email notification whenever your order proceeds to the next fulfilment stage.

However, if you have an account with us and would rather not receive order status notifications, you can disable them in the Notifications section of your personal account page.

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