How To Configure Email Notifications

We respect your privacy and will never disturb you with notifications you are not interested in. In this guide we will explain what notification types we have and how they can be configured.

Notification Types

Let us guide you through all notification types that we have.


Important notifications about your account’s security, such as password reset request and email address confirmation.

To keep your account protected from unauthorised access, we do not allow disabling these notifications.

Your Wishlists

Notifications on wishlist items availability status updates.

We will send a notification whenever the percentage of matched and/or in-stock items in your monitored wishlist matches the criteria you specified for it.

Order Status

Notifications with up-to-date information on your active orders.

We will send a notification whenever your active order proceeds to a subsequent fulfilment stage.


Occasional notifications containing information that we think is worth sharing with our customers.

We will send you only really important notifications, such as if we decide to update our Privacy Policy or launch a new service. We strongly recommend to leave these notifications enabled.

You Rewards

Bonus points transactions, referral discounts, and our monthly draw winner notifications.

Get email confirmation whenever you earn or spend bonus points, receive a referral discount coupon, or become a winner in our monthly draw.

Blog Posts

Notifications on new blog posts with feature announcements, service updates, special offers, and more.

We usually publish one or two posts a week, and with these notifications enabled, you can be certain you won’t miss out anything.


Product and shipping discounts, additional bonus points and rare exclusive special offers.

Enable these notifications if you want to receive discounts and special offers that we don’t announce anywhere else.

Configuring Notifications

You can choose which notifications to receive by toggling the corresponding switches in the Notifications section of your personal account page.

For more quick start guides, visit the How To section.