How To Create a Wishlist

Wishlists are one of our most powerful and convenient tools that allows you easily create and manage parts lists of any size right on our website. In this guide we will demonstrate how to create a wishlist.

Essentially, a wishlist is a list of any LEGO® and/or compatible parts. It can be created by manually adding required parts from our catalogue or by importing parts from a parts list file. Actually, there are many other ways and places throughout our website where our registered customers can add parts to a wishlist — simply look around for the “Add to Wishlist” button.

Let’s see what specific pages that button might be found on.

Parts Matching Tool and Public Parts List Page

The “Add to Wishlist” button will appear at the bottom of the parts matching page once a parts list file has been parsed by the system.

If clicked, you will be offered to save all parts from the uploaded parts list (both matched and unmatched) to your wishlist (either existing or new).

On publicly available parts list pages, the “Add to Wishlist” button is also located at the bottom and allows adding all items from the corresponding public parts list to your own private wishlist (effectively making an editable copy of the public list).

Product Page

The “Add to Wishlist” button is located on each product’s page right next to the “Add to Basket” button.

Importantly, the button remains active regardless of whether the product in question is currently in stock or not, thus allowing you to easily add any quantity of any product to your wishlist.

Basket Page

On the basket page, the “Add to Wishlist” button makes it easy adding all items from a particular set to a wishlist at once.

This feature may come handy if you want to postpone buying certain set from your basket until a later time and need a way to save that set prior to removing it from the basket.

Order Confirmation/Review Page

Both the order confirmation page (which is displayed right after the order is placed) and the order review page (available to registered users via the Orders section of their personal account page) have the “Add to Wishlist” button located next to the names of the purchased item sets.

If you are willing to re-purchase a certain set, this can be done easily by first saving the needed set to a wishlist and then adding items from that wishlist to the basket.

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