How To Obtain and Use Referral Code

Keen to recommend us to someone? Then use your referral code, which will allow the other person to purchase items with a discount and will bring you a discount coupon as well. In this guide we will explain how it works.

Obtaining Referral Code

As soon as your first order is shipped, a unique referral code will be generated and assigned to your account. This code will appear in the Dashboard section of your personal account page.

You can review and change the referral code in the Referrals section of your personal account page.

In that section you will also be presented with a list of all recorded usages of your referral code.

Applying Referral Code

Your referral code works exactly like any other coupon code and can be easily applied in the basket or at checkout when entered into the “Coupon code” field. After clicking the “Apply Coupon” button, the order amounts will be recalculated.

You will be rewarded with an equivalent discount coupon once the order your referral code has been applied to is shipped. There is no limit on how many times your referral code can be applied, but remember that it is valid for first-time purchases only.

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