How To Share a Wishlist

Do you want to share your wishlist with a friend or maybe publish it in a social network? It cannot be easier, as all wishlists come with an easy to use access control feature. In this guide we will demonstrate to you how it works.

Enabling Public Access

Begin with navigating to a wishlist you would like to share. The “Public Access” section will be located at the top of the page.

Toggle the switch to enable public read-only access. Once enabled, you will be provided with a link to your wishlist’s public page, which you can then share with whoever you want. Only people who know the link will be able to access that page, so be careful when deciding whether to publish that link in social media.

You may revoke public access at any time by toggling the switch back to the “Off” position.

Setting Wishlist Description

If you do decide to make your wishlist available to a broad audience, you may also want to supply that wishlist with a brief description. This can be done by clicking on the “Configure” button in the “Public Access” section.

Please be careful with writing your description, and ensure it does not contain obscene or abusive words.

Checking Public Page

Your wishlist’s public page will look much like a page generated by our Parts Matching tool after an uploaded parts list is processed.

Any visitor will be able to add the in-stock items from your wishlist to their basket, and registered users will also be able to add all items from your wishlist to their own wishlist. Note that if they do so, they will retain access to their wishlist even if you decide to revoke public access to your wishlist.

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