Important Information on Order Packaging

Last month we made two announcements on improved packaging (one, two), where we stated that GoBricks was going to start sorting items by type and colour and package sorted items into small plastic bags.

Unfortunately, the way they actually implemented this long-awaited packaging upgrade proved to be worse than we all had expected. The reality is that only items of the same type and colour whose quantity is no less than 40 pieces per order are allocated into separate bags, while other items are still put together into a single large bag.

It’s not that uncommon for us to receive orders containing hundreds of different items, with only several of them reaching the required quantity to be allocated into separate bags. So eventually most of the items in such orders (and that could easily be 1,000+ pieces) still get mixed together by GoBricks.

We are well aware that such packaging attitude leads to two major issues. Firstly, some items (especially those with sleek surfaces), when mixed together with hundreds of other items, may get damaged during local and international travel. And secondly, our customers may need to spend hours sorting the mixed-up items they receive.

We have been constantly telling GoBricks about those issues for many months, and we know they are too well aware that customers are not at all happy with how they package items. Nonetheless, as of now they have made only one step towards resolving those issues, and it’s apparent that there are more things that still have to be done to resolve them completely.

While GoBricks is looking for better ways to package items on their end, we will continue re-packaging items on our end. Unfortunately, we don’t have resources to sort items by type and colour, but we do ensure that fragile items (such as panels) are packaged separately from other items, and if an order contains multiple medium to large-sized sets, we additionally split items in such order by set.

We regret that our last month’s announcements turned out to be overly optimistic, but hopefully GoBricks will listen to us at last, and will further improve the way they package items to make customers happy.