Important Information on Prices

As GoBricks is gaining interest in international expansion, it has initiated two important processes.

First, they have started the fight against unofficial and fake resellers of their products — and that is definitely a good thing. When purchasing from us — an authorised GoBricks reseller — our customers can be certain that they always get genuine high quality products from a company that puts a lot of effort into providing fast and convenient service while conforming to local and international laws and regulations.

Second, they are aiming to gain much more control over the international prices of their products. While the idea of price control is not bad by itself, the way GoBricks has been putting it into practice is a complete disaster. For some very unclear and controversial reasons that they cannot (or are not willing to) clarify to us, they force us to substantially increase our prices. Moreover, they threaten to stop processing orders that they receive from us if we don’t abide.

For more than a month we have been trying to persuade them that a price increase would make their products much less competitive on the international market and much less attractive to people looking for LEGO alternatives. Unfortunately, our efforts have not been successful, and therefore we regret to announce that we have no other option but to increase our prices, effective 1 June 07:00 UTC.

However, worry not. We promise that we always act in the best interest of our customers and the wider international brick fan community. This situation is no exception as we have came up with a solution that would (almost) completely offset the negative effect of the inevitable price increase.

As we still remain in full control of our shipping prices, we decided to start providing a shipping discount that will grow with the amount and price of items being added to the basket. The discount will be automatically applied in the basket and at checkout to all orders, be it a guest order or an order made by a registered customer. For the convenience of our customers, we will also be showing an applicable discount as well as a discounted price for lists uploaded to our Parts Matching tool, as well as for all wishlists — both private and public.

Thanks to this discount, the average price tag for your orders will not change. However, due to the (quite complicated) way the discount is calculated and applied, you may see a minor (just minor — we promise) deviation of certain orders’ grand total figure after the new prices come into effect.

We will be honest — we were very upset to see that GoBricks was willing neither to discuss their international pricing strategy with us nor to listen to our arguments. While this will definitely have a negative impact on our business relationship with them, we will nonetheless stick to our declared goals and will continue offering high quality products and services at reasonable prices.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the new prices or the shipping discount, you are welcome to join this dedicated channel on our Discord server.