Introducing Notification Controls

We do and always will respect your privacy as we believe that this is one of the fundamental elements that the trustful relationships between you and us are built upon.

We also believe that our customers have the right to decide which information they are willing to receive from us to their mailboxes, and we’ve developed a system to let them do exactly that.

All registered customers can now select which email notifications to receive in the notifications section of their account page. Our guest customers (i.e. those who decided to not register an account with us) will be auto-subscribed to order status notifications only and will not receive any further communication from us once their orders are complete.

To those of you willing to get notified on exclusive special offers that we won’t publish anywhere else, we highly recommend subscribing to our promo notifications. We are going to announce our first very special offer to our subscribers next week and we promise that they will like it.