Loyalty Programme

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to enjoy discounted prices. Once you place your first order with us, you will be automatically enrolled into our Loyalty Programme and start accumulating bonus points that you can convert into discount coupons at any time.

What It Is

Our Loyalty Programme is aimed at returning customers and allows them to earn bonus points with every new purchase they make and then convert those points into one-off and lifetime discounts. The more bonus points a customer has, the greater discounts they may convert those points into.

How It Works

With every new purchase you will be credited at least one bonus point per each US dollar spent on our products (shipping not included, sorry). Occasionally we will increase the number of bonus points being awarded, but only for a short period of time. Keep an eye on announcements in our blog so that you don’t miss the opportunity to get even more bonus points.

In the Rewards section of the My Account page you can convert your bonus points into various discount coupons. The more points you are willing to spend, the greater discount you can convert them into. Moreover, you are free to choose whether to convert the bonus points into a greater one-off discount or a smaller lifetime discount.

Another great news is that your personal discounts can be combined together and bring you an even greater cumulative discount! For example, if you already have a lifetime discount coupon, you can easily combine it together with a one-off discount coupon. Or you can apply two different one-off coupons at the same time. In fact, there is no limit on the number of coupons that you can use together, so there is a real chance for you to earn yourself a 100% discount and get the parts absolutely free!

Finally, pay attention to the coupon types. We have discount coupons applicable to products, to shipping, and to the whole basket. Choose wisely.

And don’t forget that we will also reward you for referring someone to us.

Who Is Eligible

To be able to participate in the Loyalty Programme, you need to have an account with us and at least one shipped order. Bonus points will be credited to your account’s balance automatically with each shipped order, including the very first one.

If you have already made an order with us, but don’t yet have an account, simply register a new account with the same email address that you used for your order, and the bonus points you have already earned will be automatically credited to your account right away.