More Shipping Options

We use our own packaging, ship with reliable shipping providers offering fast and quality yet not overly expensive services, and insure all parcels that we send out. However, we appreciate that some people may prefer to not have such premium features and services applied to their parcels, so we decided that it would be fair if we let everyone choose which shipping options to use.

From now on, we offer two shipping rates — Economy and Optimal.

Economy Rate

For those of you looking for the biggest savings, our Economy rate would probably be the best fit. It is cheap, but comes with a slower shipping speed, simple packaging, and minimal risk protection.

We will carefully bubble-wrap your items and put them into a new corrugated carton box, but please note that with this shipping rate we will not accept damaged items claims.

Your parcel will be shipped via a regular tracked postal service. Depending on the destination, we expect your order to be delivered in five to seven weeks from the purchase date.

This shipping rate comes with no insurance, so we will not be able to refund or resend your order if your parcel is lost.

Optimal Rate

We offer the Optimal rate for those who are willing to pay some extra for faster delivery, better packaging, and additional risk protection.

We will package your items using robust eco-friendly packaging materials. You will receive a corrugated carton box with smaller carton containers inside, each of which will be filled with paper-wrapped items and shredded paper filling.

Your parcel will be shipped via a dedicated cargo channel. Depending on the destination, we expect your order to be delivered in three to five weeks from the purchase date.

As damage and loss protection is included into this rate, you can be certain that even if your parcel is lost or your items arrive damaged, you will be fully compensated for that.

No Handling Fee

As we now use different packaging solutions for different shipping rates, we decided to get rid of our flat handling fee and instead include the handling cost into the corresponding shipping rates.

We hope that our new shipping rate options are able to even better meet your expectations.