New Parts and Colour Variations, and Better Parts Matching

Since the beginning of this year we’ve been working on a big update to our catalogue and the parts matching tool, and today we’re very excited to announce that the process is complete.

We’ve added dozens of new parts and hundreds of colour variations that GoBricks started producing in the last several weeks making it our biggest catalogue update by far. And our parts matching tool has become even smarter as it’s now able to precisely match different moulds and alternate parts.

Another great news is that all parts in our catalogue have been assigned the corresponding LEGO design IDs. They will appear on parts’ pages, and you can also use them to search for parts in our catalogue — simply enter the needed design ID into the search bar at the top of any page and we’ll show you the matched part.

We will keep our catalogue up to date, and any new parts and colour variations that GoBricks will be adding to their catalogue will appear on our website very soon after. In most cases, the delay will be no longer than just several days.

Enjoy even better shopping experience at Konstruktor!