New Parts, Colours, and Tags

We have updated our catalogue with four new parts and dozens of new colour variations for existing parts.

We have also added the following three new tags:

  • Sleek — parts with sleek surfaces, which we pack separately from other parts.
  • Oversized — parts that are shipped in non-standard boxes.
  • Electric — parts that contain electric elements and thus require special shipping conditions.

Please note that when any of these parts are added to an order, its shipping price will increase. This change will be immediately reflected in the basket and on the checkout page.

We know that sleek parts are ordered very frequently, but to our regret GoBricks still doesn’t pack such parts separately, so repacking them on our end comes at a cost that we have to include into the shipping price. Nonetheless, we did our best to keep the price increase to a minimum, and in most cases it will be around US$1.50 per order.

Thank you for your understanding and continuous support.