Order Fulfilment Timeline

We want to keep our customers informed so that they have a pleasant and predictable experience with us. That is why we decided to write this post with information on how exactly we fulfil your orders.

It all starts with us receiving an order and checking with GoBricks whether all ordered parts are in stock. (The stock information in our system is automatically updated on a daily basis, but there still is a chance that certain parts may go out of stock between the updates.) We communicate with GoBricks directly, so it usually takes just a few hours during business days to sort this out.

Once the order is confirmed with GoBricks, it is put into a queue, which is common to all GoBricks orders, both domestic and international. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to reserve priority places in the queue for our customers. At the moment GoBricks are experiencing delays with processing the incoming orders, so they may stay idle in the queue for 5-8 business days. They are actively working on cutting this idle period.

When all parts from the order are picked and packed, the parcel is then transferred to our international shipping facility, which is located in the same region with the GoBricks factory. It takes 24-48 hours for it to arrive there and another 24-72 hours to be processed and shipped.

Finally, the parcel is handed over to a shipping company, which then takes care of delivering it right to your door. Depending on the destination and taking into account how the COVID-19 pandemic negatively affects shipping times worldwide, it may take anything from just a week to more than a month for the parcel to be delivered.

To our regret, there is not much we can do about queue processing and global shipping delays, but we thank you for your patience while we all move forward through these difficult times.