Packaging Issues

Following our goal to be completely open and honest with our customers, in this post we would like to let you know that recently we have received several complaints regarding some parts — especially panels — arriving scratched or even damaged. Some customers also advised us that few parts were missing from their orders.

We sincerely apologise for theses issues, but want to emphasise that they are not unique to the orders placed via Konstruktor and unfortunately may affect any of the GoBricks’ orders. We are already working together with them on finding a feasible solution.

As a reseller company, we have no control over how orders are packaged, and we ship each order pre-packed directly from the GoBricks’ factory. So what our customers get is exactly what GoBricks pack. Unfortunately, though, for some reason they indeed tend to put multiple panels together in a single plastic bag and don’t seem to understand well enough that doing so leads to panels getting scratched or cracked during shipping. Also, as orders are being packed mostly manually, certain parts may be gone missing due to a human error.

We have made GoBricks aware of both issues, and they promised to review and possibly revise their packaging process. We have not yet been advised of how long that might take, but we know that in mid-August they started switching to a new completely automated packaging process, which should significantly decrease the probability of parts going missing.

We believe that making these issues public is an essential step on the way to rectifying them, and we ask our customers who were affected by the issue with scratched and damaged parts to please send us photos of those parts so that we can pass them on to GoBricks for review.

And of course, in accordance to our Terms of Sale, we will refund or replace any damaged or missing parts.

We promise to keep in touch with GoBricks while they are improving their packaging and will update this post as soon as they come up with a working solution.

29 September 2021 Update:

To our regret, GoBricks informed us that they could not change their existing packaging process nor use better packages due to high costs associated with implementing those changes. They also believe that their existing packaging is good enough for domestic shipments and are not willing to change it for international customers.

While we understand the reasoning behind that decision, we nonetheless believe that our customers must not be taking the risk of receiving damaged parts due to poor packaging and unwillingness of GoBricks to change it. Therefore, following our declared goal to provide the best shopping experience for international customers willing to buy quality bricks, we are going to come up with our own solution for this issue.

In fact, we are already testing several re-packing options that should substantially improve the overall packaging quality and hence greatly increase the probability of all parts safely surviving international travel.

While having to do the re-packing on our end will definitely increase our costs, we will nonetheless do our best to keep the existing shipping prices intact, at least initially. We are looking for ways to compensate the increased expenses by optimising other aspects of our supply chain, and in the long run we hope to be able to benefit from the economies of scale and ultimately pass these benefits to our customers.

We thank you for your patience and understanding while we are working on implementing our solution. Our aim is to unveil it within the next month, and we will update this post accordingly.

29 October 2021 Update

GoBricks are still reluctant to change their existing packaging process no matter how hard we try to persuade them that that change is needed. They only promise to keep working on improving the parts sorting mechanism so that the parts don’t end up in a single plastic bag altogether, but we have no clue as to how long that process will last nor how soon we will see some real progress in that regard.

Therefore, we keep experimenting with different packaging solutions on our end, and some of you may have already received or will soon receive their orders re-packaged by us.

The biggest challenge for us is finding a perfect price-quality balance, because while bad packaging leads to scratched and damaged parts, good packaging, on the other hand, increases overall weight (both real and volumetric) and hence leads to higher shipping costs, which we promised to keep close to their current figures.

Nonetheless, we will continue looking for a feasible solution that would not affect the shipping prices too much and once again thank you for your patience while we are on the way to resolving the packaging issue.