Please Help Us Survive

Dear all,

As you may already know, in one and a half weeks we lost almost everything that we have been building for one and a half years. Most importantly, we lost our brilliant team of people who were bringing you the service of such quality that we are certain no other company would be able to beat.

The only thing that we still haven’t completely lost is hope. We hope that we could survive this dark period, find a new supplier, and bring you even better products and services. But we cannot do that alone. So for the hope to become a reality, we immensely need your help.

We have launched a fundraising campaign on GoFundMe and PayPal to keep our ecosystem up and running while we are looking for a new supplier. We estimated that we would need roughly US$1,000 to keep the most important resources alive for about three months from now, which should be enough for us to at least reach some kind of an agreement with a potential supplier.

In the current circumstances, we are not looking for making a profit (in fact, we have never been profitable), so in the case we are able to get beyond the set goal, we will distribute all extra funds among our team members to say thank you for their hard and inspiring work and to support them in the difficult situation they found themselves in.

We would very much appreciate it if you could find it possible to support us on GoFundMe or via PayPal and spread the word about our fundraising campaign.

Thank you!

Max and Denis