Referral Programme

If you want to refer someone (say, your friend or a fellow Facebook group member) to us, then we have a great news — each of you can get a US$ 10 discount! And we won’t ask anyone to subscribe to our newsletter, or to like our post, or to share our page, or to follow our social network accounts, or to… well, you get the point.

What It Is

Our Referral Programme is aimed at our customers willing to recommend us to someone and get rewarded for that. It allows both parties to get a US$ 10 discount — whether they refer to us or were referred to us. It’s a win-win!

How It Works

After you make your first purchase with us, you will get a unique referral code that you can find in the Referrals section of the My Account page. Simply share this code with another person and tell them to apply it at checkout. That’s it — they will get a US$ 10 discount right away and you will get your own US$ 10 discount coupon once their order is shipped.

But wait, there’s more good news — you can combine referral discount coupons together with your personal discount coupons earned via the Loyalty Programme to get even greater cumulative discounts!

Who Is Eligible

To be able to participate in the Referral Programme as a referring person, you need to have an account with us and at least one shipped order. Your personal referral code will appear in your account’s Dashboard and in the Referrals section. This referral code can be applied an indefinite number of times, but only once per person.

To apply someone else’s referral code to your purchase, this must be your first purchase with us. Referral codes cannot be applied to your subsequent purchases, but you will still be able to get great discounts by referring someone else to us and via our Loyalty Programme.